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GENUINE AEM V2 WATER / METHANOL INJECTION KIT 5 Gallon (Internal Map), 30-3301

GENUINE AEM V2 WATER / METHANOL INJECTION KIT 5 Gallon (Internal Map), 30-3301
GENUINE AEM V2 WATER / METHANOL INJECTION KIT 5 Gallon (Internal Map), 30-3301

GENUINE AEM V2 WATER / METHANOL INJECTION KIT 5 Gallon (Internal Map), 30-3301    GENUINE AEM V2 WATER / METHANOL INJECTION KIT 5 Gallon (Internal Map), 30-3301

NEW GENUINE AEM 30-3301 WATER METHANOL KIT. DESIGNED, TESTED, AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! SEALED IN FACTORY AEM PACKAGE. THE AEM WATER/METHANOL INJECTION SYSTEM ADVANTAGE: Water/methanol injection for forced induction (turbocharged or supercharged) gas-powered race engines is a proven means for effectively reducing engine inlet air temperatures and suppressing harmful detonation. This allows racers to reliably increase boost and advance ignition timingwithout using high-octane racing fuelfor power gains of up to 20%.

AEMs Water/Methanol Injection Systems utilize the most robust hardware combined with more advanced features than any other comparably priced water/methanol system. AEM offers two different water/methanol controller designs for gas vehicles. One is boost dependent for forced induction vehicles up to 35 PSI of boost (kit PN 30-3300). The second controller (Kit PN 30-3350) features a multiple input design that enables users to install AEMs Water/Methanol Injection Kit on ultra-high boost vehicles (above 35 PSI) using a 0-5v voltage-based external MAP sensor. Robust, Easy to Use Controller Designs The new controller designs (Boost Dependent Kit PN 30-3300 & Multi Input Kit PN 30-3350) feature large, turn-resistant knobs and larger numbering to easily set accurate start and full activation points, with covered status LED and test buttons for added splash resistance.

A plug is integrated into the controller housing for mating to the redesigned wiring harnesss positive-lock connector. The Boost Dependent controller housing has a molded-in, barbed nipple to accept a boost hose and a wiring legend on the back. Both controller housings feature an easy to access integrated fuse and molded mounting tabs. Simplified Wiring AEMs Water/Methanol Injection kits wiring harness is terminated with a positive-lock connector on one end and has color-coded wires to ease installation.

Both the power and ground wires for the pump are included in the harness which simplifies the wiring process and eliminates any chance of the pump accidentally activating from a short in the system. An additional wire is included for adding an optional on/off solenoid to stop fluid flow when the system is inactive. Integrated Boost Safe Feature The controllers in AEMs Water Methanol systems include an integrated Boost Safe output feature that monitors the entire injection system and triggers a ground signal via an output if it detects a voltage-related error short, bad connection, broken wire, overheated pump, high or low voltage signal, etc.

, allowing users to define their failsafe strategy from something as simple as flashing a warning light to more advanced strategies like pulling boost or ignition, or switching fuel maps on a standalone engine management system. Combined with the integral and highly accurate conductive low-fluid switch in the tank, Boost Safe can also put your engine in safe mode before the system runs dry. This exclusive feature is found only on AEM Water/Methanol Injection Systems.

Heavy-Duty High Pressure Injection Pump AEMs internally-bypassed water/methanol injection pump does not cycle on and off and provides quiet, smooth operation. Low-Profile 1 Gallon Tank AEMs gas Water/Methanol Injection Systems are available with or without a compact 1 gallon tank. A more accurate, conductive low level fluid sensor is integrated into the tank and features a positive lock connector with color-matched wires to the wiring harness. The sensor eliminates any chance of incorrect readings due to interference from debris.

Machined Billet Injectors and Nozzles AEM includes one precision-machined billet injector in its gasoline Water/Methanol Injection kit. It features an integral check valve to prevent unintended fluid flow.

Three billet injector nozzles are included for matching water/methanol flow to an engines horsepower output. Boost Dependent and Multi-Input (0-5v/frequency) progressive controller designs feature large adjustment knobs, integrated plug for harness connection, integrated fuse, covered status light and test button for enhanced splash resistance and mounting tabs. Wiring harness is terminated with a positive-lock connector on one end with color-coded wires to ease installation, integrated pump ground circuit and additional wire for optional on/off fluid solenoid. Boost Safe failsafe output included (for complete failsafe under all conditions, see our Water/Methanol Failsafe Device).

Heavy-duty high-pressure injection pump features integral fittings, a Santoprene diaphragm and EPDM seals to resist corrosion. Our pump maximizes line pressure for optimum atomization and its quiet, smooth operation is almost undetectable. Precision-machined billet-aluminum injector with integral check valve. Three interchangeable injector nozzles to cover a wide variety of HP levels (250cc/min, 500 cc/min & 1,000cc/min).

1 gallon tank with integral conductive low-fluid sensor and positive lock connector (tank-less systems available). 20 feet of injection tubing included.

LED dash light for system status and low fluid warning. What differentiates us from other sellers?

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  1. Brand: AEM
  2. Manufacturer Part Number: 30-3301
  3. Part Brand: AEM

GENUINE AEM V2 WATER / METHANOL INJECTION KIT 5 Gallon (Internal Map), 30-3301    GENUINE AEM V2 WATER / METHANOL INJECTION KIT 5 Gallon (Internal Map), 30-3301